Student paper finalist at LACSEA

Congratulations and good luck to Roderik Krebbers from Radboud University, whose paper is a finalist in the Student Paper competition at the upcoming LACSEA conference, part of the Optica Sensing Congress (15-19 Jul-2024; Toulouse, France).

His paper is titled, “In-Situ Plasma Diagnostics Using Mid-Infrared Supercontinuum Sources Based on Nonlinear Fibers” and discusses in situ spectroscopy on plasma-based chemical conversions. The concentrations of multiple molecular species have been monitored simultaneously, while also retrieving their rotational and vibrational temperatures.

The paper is one of five TRIAGE papers that will be presented (TUE 16-Jul-2024; 08:00) in Session LTu1F on Mid-IR Gas Sensing, in the project final workshop. Please come along and find out more!

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