Newsletter #4 Mar-2024
• Supercontinuum for gas sensing at NORBLIS
• PV VLWIR photodetectors from VIGO
• Fabrication of chalcogenide fibres at DTU Electro
• Comparitive methane monitoring field trials by LiU
• Multi-pass cell development at Senseair
Newsletter #3 Oct-2022
• Characterising end-user test sites at LiU
• Plasma analysis using TRIAGE methods at RU
• 2 µm pump development at NKT Photonics
• Online gas spectroscopy demonstrator from CSEM
• ECREAM booth at Photonics Europe 2022
Newsletter #2 Feb-2022
• ECREAM booth at Photonics Europe 2022
• Fabrication of chalcogenide glass fibres at DTU
• Multipass cell development at Senseair
• Big data and machine learning for TRIAGE at CSEM
• VIGO type-II semiconductor superlattices
Newsletter #1 Nov-2021
• Establishing ECREAM
• Assessing the TRIAGE detection limits 
• Thermally joining dissimilar optical fibres 
• FLAIR system for 24/7 operation 
• Postdoc position at LiU