Conference papers

Fourier Transform Spectroscopy 2021
19-23 Jul-2021; online

Fourier Transform Spectroscopy Using Novel Mid-infrared Supercontinuum Sources
A. Khodabakhsh, M. Nematollahi, K. E. Jahromi, R. Krebbers, N. Liu, M. A. Abbas, L. Huot, O. Bang, and F. J. M. Harren
In OSA Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress 2021, OSA Technical Digest paper FM2F.1.
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CLEO/Europe EQEC 2021
2021 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Europe & European Quantum Electronics Conference
21-25 Jun-2021; online

Fourier transform spectrometer developed for high repetition rate mid-infrared supercontinuum sources
A. Khodabakhsh; M. Nematollahi; K. E. Jahromi; R. Krebbers; M. A. Abbas; F. J. M. Harren
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Supercontinuum based mid-infrared OCT, spectroscopy, and hyperspectral imaging
C.R. Petersen, N.M. Israelsen, G. Woyessa, K. Kwarkye, R.E. Hansen, C. Markos, A. Khodabakhsh, F.J.M.
Harren, P. Rodrigo, P. Tidemand-Lichtenberg, C. Pedersen, O. Bang
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MICS 2020
Mid-Infrared Coherent Sources 2020
16–20 Nov-2020; online

New coherent sources for mid infrared spectroscopic applications
Frans J.M. Harren
In OSA High-brightness Sources and Light-driven Interactions Congress 2020 (EUVXRAY, HILAS, MICS), OSA Technical Digest (OSA 2020), paper MTh2C.1.
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