Journal papers

Ground-based remote sensing of CH4 and N2O fluxes from a wastewater treatment plant and nearby biogas production with discoveries of unexpected sources
Magnus Gålfalk; Sören Nilsson Påledal; Robert Sehlén; David Bastviken
Environmental Research 204, 11197 (2022).

Ultra-broadband infrared gas sensor for pollution detection- the TRIAGE project
Bruce Napier, Ole Bang, Christos Markos, Peter Moselund, Laurent Huot, Frans J.M. Harren, Amir Khodabakhsh, Hans Martin, Floria Ottonello Briano, Laurent Balet, Steve Lecomte, Christian R. Petersen, Niels Israelsen, David Bastviken, Magnus Gålfalk, Łukasz Kubiszyn and Piotr Warzybok
J. Physics-Photonics 3, 31003 (2021).

Fourier transform spectrometer based on high-repetition-rate mid-infrared supercontinuum sources for trace gas detection
M. A. Abbas, K.E. Jahromi, M. Nematollahi, R. Krebbers, N. Liu, G. Woyessa, O. Bang, L. Huot, F.J.M. Harren, and A. Khodabakhsh
Optics Express 29, 22315-22330 (2021).